Hjarl of Isveg

A viking-esque mercenary warrior. Follower of the Drowned God.


Human veteran (level 1) warrior.

Neutral Good
AC: 3 HP: 10

STR- 18
INT- 9
WIS- 10
DEX- 15
CON- 16
CHA- 11

Saving Throws
Death Ray or Poison- 12
Wands, Polymorph or Paralyzation- 13
Turn to Stone- 14
Dragon Breath- 15
Stave and Spells- 16

Langauges: Common

Ah’ come from Isveg, a harsh land, where the snow covered pines look down upon th’ icy fjords, where th’ shingle beaches battle th’ gray Sea. But Ah’ don’t mean t’ fill yer ears with tales o’ meh home, but t’ tell yeh o’ meh first reaving. Thirteen years Ah’ was, or near abouts t’ make no difference. That early spring, th’ local Jarl had sent out a moot, th’ long boats were t’ be gathered. Come this summer, we were goin’ reaving. This was t’ be th’ first time Ah’ was man enough t’ go. Filled with fear and excitement, as boys are wont t’ be, Ah’ visited a Crone who lived in th’ hills above meh village. In exchange of all th’ gold Ah’ had t’ meh name she cast th’ bones and read meh fate. Death is what she saw fer meh, an ignoble one o’ that… a drownin’. Ah’ cursed th’ Crone an stormed out inta th’ night, Ah’ can still hear her cacklin’. Th’ beginnin’ o’ th’ reaving was glorious, Ah’ve always been a strappin’ lad yeh see, but th’ return voyage was dauntin’. Summer squalls are not unheard of in Isveg, but rare they are. This one had us in her grip plum fierce. Meh long boat was tossed an’ turned, till she was broad sided by a’monstrous wave. Being on th’ oars as Ah’ was, tis’ meh first reaving, Ah’ was swept overboard, an’ fool that Ah’ was, Ah’ was still in meh chain, swiftly brought down t’ th’ bottom o’ th’ Sea. Ah’ could fill yer heads with tales o’ what Ah’ saw down there, but that’s not what Ah’m aimin’ fer. Instead, let meh tell yeh o’ Bob, a codger who beat upon th’ drums. Bob dove in after meh, hauled meh up from the floor, an’ pulled meh t’ a rocky shore he did. Ah’ was dead yeh see, th’ old Crone was right, but Bob knew things. A’follower o’ th’ Drowned God was Bob. That’s why Ah’ can never die, but rise again, harder an’ stronger.

Hjarl of Isveg

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