House Rules

Starting Hit Points

  • Each character gets their max hit dice + 1 die + Constitution bonus at 1st level.
    (Example: A 1st level fighter gets 8 + 1d8 + Con starting Hit Points)


Default Skills

  • Perception – Wisdom
  • Bluff – Charisma

Starting Skills

  • Fighter: 4 (Tactics or Athletics)
  • Thief/Halfling Burglar: 6 (Acrobatics or Appraisal or Disguise)
  • Cleric/Dwarven Cleric: 4 (Religion or Politics or History)
  • Magic User: 8 (Religion or History or Politics or Arcana)
  • Elf: 6 (Survival or Tactics or Arcana)
  • Dwarf: 4 (Athletics or Tactics or Blacksmithing)
  • Halfling: 6 (Athletics or Survival)

Additional Skills

  • Each character gets an additional skill every 4 levels.

Tactics (Int)

  • Tactics is a skill that allows the character to assess a battlefield in a pre-combat situation. The character must spend at least 30 minutes analyzing a battlefield. A successful roll grants a +1 “to-hit” modifier for any subsequent battle on the battlefield in question.
  • Once per day, during a battle in which Tactics was employed, the Fighter may grant a single target (including herself) a +1 bonus to their next attack roll.

Weapon Specialization

  • Weapon specialization is a special Fighter/Dwarf/Halfling ability that grants a character a specialization in a particular weapon. When using this weapon, the character gets a +1 “to hit” and +2 to damage when using that particular weapon.
  • Every 3 levels, the character may add a new Weapon Specialization to their repertoire OR they may raise an existing specialization by an additional +1 “to hit” and +2 to damage.

Combat House Rules

  • Firing Into Melee: Firing into melee grants a -2 “to hit” penalty to the attacker.
  • Cover: Hiding behind cover grants a -2 “to hit” penalty to any attackers.
  • Two Weapon Fighting: The ability to use two melee weapons is possessed by the following classes: Fighter, Thief, Halfling Burglar, Halfling, and Dwarf. This ability allows the character to make a secondary attack each round at a -2 penalty.

House Rules

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