The Immortals

Tera (Greater Immortal)
The Earthmother, Lady of the Earth, Giver of Life, The Immovable
Symbol: A circle formed by four quadrants.
Alignment: Lawful (Good)
Sphere: Matter

Tera is the Protector and Life-giver, the Earth Goddess, invoked by those for whom the earth and nature are most precious. It is said that the world itself sprang from her bosom, giving all things the ability to grow and live. Tera is allied with Maya, her sister, for the Earth and Water are both givers of life.

In most of the Three Duchies, each city,town and hamlet seems to be built around a church of Tera as if the churches were the foundations of the community. Her clerics are often in positions of power and influence within communities and they oftentimes take on the role of lawmaker and judge in the most rural communities.

Pyron (Greater Immortal)
Firelord, The Everburning, The Cleansing Force, Lord of the Arcane
Symbol: A upward-pointing triangle, wreathed in flame.
Alignment: Chaotic (Neutral)
Sphere: Energy

Pyron represents the Sphere of Energy and is a force of energy and cleansing fire. He represents the danger and power of fire and, subsequently, of magic as well. Thus, he is the patron of Magic Users and all creatures Arcane in nature. Pyron represents the dynamic, the ever-changing, the drive and desire to consume matter and change things, for better or worse. Pyron is allied mostly with Tempest, as both fire and air are dynamic in nature.

Clerics of Pyron are often terrifying forces of change and energy, dynamic individuals who seek to test the limits of their power and like their Immortal patron, burn brightest and with the most energy.

Maya (Greater Immortal)
Lady of the Tides, River Queen, The Rain Caller
Symbol: Three wavy lines, blue-green in color.
Alignment: Chaotic (Good)
Sphere: Time

Maya is the ever-flowing water, the tide upon which all life flows and ebbs, her rivers and oceans cutting through earth and stone, her rain nourishing the fields and river beds, bringing life to all corners of the world. She is allied with her sister, Tera, in bringing life to all places.

Clerics of Maya are healers and wisdoms, trustworthy and helpful, yet dangerous to those who deserve Maya’s wrath. Temples to Maya often accompany those of Tera in forming communities and cities, aiding with the movement of water and insuring the people have enough water for their needs.

Tempest (Greater Immortal)
The Whirlwind, The Lightning King, The Wise Rider
Symbol: A lightning bolt.
Alignment: Neutral
Sphere: Thought

The Immortal Tempest acts as stormbringer and lightning lord, however, Tempest is also knowledge and wisdom and the ever-flowing air. He is reason and thought and the epiphany of creativity and invention. He tempers the chaos of storms with reason and wisdom, taming the chaos unlike ever-changing Pyron.

Clerics of Tempest are often wise advisors, knowledge-seekers, and inventors of new and wondrous gadgets. Large cities often have a Temple to Tempest, aiding the cities with new devices and knowledge.

Oblivion (Greater Immortal)
Lord of the Circle, Old Grim
Symbol: The Ouroboros.
Alignment: Neutral
Sphere: Entropy

Oblivion is recognized by all races of the world, for death comes to everyone and everything. Oblivion also represents the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth. He is the reminder that all things live and all things die according to their time.

Clerics of Oblivion are a necessity in all places. They bring people into the world (much like clerics of Tera do) and are present when people leave the world. They are often grim folks, taking no pleasure or pain in death or birth. They are merely servants of the great cycle, nothing more. Clerics of Oblivion are easily spotted by their half-white, half-black robes they wear.

Thar (Greater Immortal)
Stoneshaper, Lord of Mountains
Symbol: A blacksmith’s hammer atop an image of a mountain.
Alignment: Lawful
Sphere: Matter

Thar is the patron of Dwarves. He is also patron for those who work the forges and mine the earth and it’s not entirely uncommon to find human or even halfling blacksmiths and miners to follow or seek blessings of Thar.

Clerics and priests of Thar are often blacksmiths or miners themselves, skilled with both hammer and pick.

Alleron (Greater Immortal)
The Windrunner, Lord of Leaves, The Great Hunter
Symbol: A green leaf crossed with two black arrows.
Alignment: Neutral
Sphere: Thought

Alleron is the patron of Elves, Druids and Rangers, of the forests and the Hunters who seek balance with nature. Followers of Alleron can be found in the elven cities and communities of the Emerald Sea as well as from among the druids and rangers who protect the land from those seeking to harm the natural world.

Merrara (Greater Immortal)
Hearthtender, Lady of the Hearth and Home
Symbol: Two hands cupping a small flame.
Alignment: Lawful
Sphere: Time

The Immortal Merrara represents Hearth and Home as well as Love and Fertility and forms the center of Halfling society.

Lesser Immortals

Castia (Lesser Immortal)
Lady of the Beautiful Death, Shadow Walker
Symbol: A black dagger over a red heart.
Alignment: Neutral
Sphere: Entropy

Castia is the patron of the Castian Order, a secretive sect of assassins who seek to bring what they call “The Beautiful Death” to those whom Castia deems necessary. They receive their orders from Castia herself, or so the legend goes.

Varn (Lesser Immortal)
The Protector, Shield Father
Symbol: A shield with a diamond in the center.
Alignment: Lawful
Sphere: Matter

Varn is the patron of the Protectors of Varn, an order of wandering knights who travel the world helping people in distress. The legend told by the Protectors holds that Varn chooses his Protectors carefully through the placement of cleverly-disguised tests that challenge a prospective member’s skills and character to the fullest.

The Deep Lords

  • Sleeper Beneath the Waves
  • Dweller In The Earth
  • Lord of the High Places

The Infernum Council

  • Malphus the Dark
  • Serapis the Tyrant
  • Tiamat the Dragonmother
  • Orcus, Prince of Undead
  • Lethys the Betrayer
  • Daegal, Warbringer

The Immortals

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