The Silvershield Company

So the tale goes…

Many years ago, much like today, the Gloom was ever-teeming with all manner of dark things. And it was in that time that the great and powerful dragon Acheroth, also called Darkflame, emerged from the Gloom to terrorize the civilized lands to the north.

He was a great and powerful beast, scales blacker than the blackest night and a breath of shadow that burned like the brightest flame. He only flew at night, making him impossible to see even under the brightest moonlight. The only sound that heralded his coming was the tremendous roar right before the attack.

He always left survivors, it was said, to tell others of his power and spread the fear he wrought.

Even the mighty Shadow Guard feared him. The Shadow Guard lost many a valiant fighter in their futile fight against the dragon and it was one of their own, a young warrior known only as Silvershield, who ventured out to deal with the dragon once and for all. He left Shadowgarde Keep with only the clothes on his back, a sword and his signature silver shield, vowing to return and strike the beast down once and for all.

Silvershield journeyed for months, seeking out anyone who would aid him against the foul Acheroth. From his travels, he gathered four brave souls who joined him in his quest.

First, there was Joga Eren the Windwalker, priest of Tempest, who hailed from the lands beyond the South Sea.

Second was Aluria Goldenhair, Princess of the Elves of Cal’Doren. Beautiful and deadly, she was a mistress of warfare and arcane magic.

Then there was cunning and stealthy Taku, called Taku the Blade.

Lastly there was Fingol Grimbeard, a dwarven outcast and formidable fighter.

Together, they formed the Silvershield Company and they returned to Shadowgarde Keep, strong and powerful. From there, they ventured south, deep into the Gloom to find Acheroth’s lair.

The dragon’s lair was at the peak of a dark mountain and it was here that the Silvershield Company battled the beast only to find that their attacks had no effect. They realized that the source of Acheroth’s power lay in a magical crown that ringed the dragon’s head. As long as the dragon wore the crown, he was invincible.

With this knowledge, the company changed their tactics to battle the creature. A great and terrible battle ensued but Silvershield and his companions persevered, having prepared with many powerful magics to aid them in their fight.

Ultimately, it was cunning Taku that slew the beast. He used his cunning and silent ways to rip the crown from the beast’s head and tumble safely to the ground. Once vulnerable, Acheroth fell beneath the Company’s power. They removed the beast’s head as proof of their deed and collected the riches of the dragon’s hoard as their reward.

The crown, however, posed an altogether different problem. In the wrong hands, it was a formidable weapon. In order to weaken the item’s magic, Aluria Goldenhair removed the five magic gems from the crown and distributed them to each member of the company. As long as the gems were removed, the crown had no power. Having take their rewards from the dragon’s hoard, they decided to each go their separate ways to ensure no one could gather the remaining four gems and return them to Acheroth’s crown.

The lair of the dragon was henceforth buried and its location remains unknown to this day. Many people have tried to find Acheroth’s Lair but have never returned.

Silvershield himself bore the dragon’s head back to Shadowgarde Keep as proof of his deed. He then left, never to return again.

Where the companions went, no one knows. To this day, no one knows what become of them, the gems, or their treasures.

The Silvershield Company

The Silvershield Company

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